We at UK Catalyst Awards couldn’t be more excited about this year’s “Best UK VPN Provider for British TV” awards. Competition is stiff and among the nominees are some of the top and most innovative VPNs in the industry.

To be eligible to win or even be considered for the award, a provider must have at least one server in the UK. Most nominees have dozens, if not hundreds.

Each VPN is, first and foremost, judged on the quality of service provided for the United Kingdom. This includes server speeds, reliability, load balancing, and, of course, the ability to unblock British television from abroad.

However, we consider multiple other features too. An excellent and intuitive client application is expected, as is stellar customer support. Value is also a significant contributor to the overall score.

With more than 300 providers to pick from, our job is far from easy. But, rest assured, we’re up to the challenge and very excited to be announcing very shortly our choice for the best VPN service for the UK as well as several runner ups.

Stay tuned.